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Your First Visit

Thank you for choosing OSTI to be your physical therapy provider.  We realize that you have the right to choose your therapy provider.  A choice our team takes very seriously.  You can be confident that you will receive the best possible care at any one of our clinic locations.   

We provide care in a friendly environment with a team of attentive physical therapists that will be by your side one step at a time  to help you achieve your functional goals.  Your therapist will work closely with your referring physician to create an individualized therapy plan that will achieve long lasting results. 

Your initial visit:

Your initial visit typically lasts 60 minutes depending on your condition.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing such as athletic wear that is suitable for your treatment.

Your initial visit is a chance for you to meet with your therapist, discuss your condition and set appropriate functional goals based on your needs.  

During this visit, your therapist will perform an initial evaluation to review the following factors:

  • Past medical history
  • Factors that affect your pain
  • General strength and flexibility
  • Current functional status

Once the initial evaluation is completed, your therapist will prescribe an individualized treatment program based on your needs and the findings from the evaluation.   Depending  on your condition, your treatment program may include the following:

  • Range of motion and strengthening exercise
  • Hands-on treatment
  • Modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, moist heat, and traction
  • A written home exercise plan

As you continue through therapy, your physical therapist will regularly communicate with your physician and periodically re-evaluate you to measure your progress.