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Marengo Physical Therapy Expands to New Location

OSTI is pleased to announce that our Marengo Physical Therapy clinic has expanded to its new location at 200 Lindow Lane- Suite E, in Marengo, next to Sullivan's Foods.  Marengo Physical Therapy was previously located at 212 Lindow Lane- Suite M behind the clinic's new location.

Marengo Physical Therapy has been providing orthopedic, sports and industrial rehabilitation services to the Marengo-Union area since 2006.  The clinic has grown from initially one therapist to two therapists, Diane Parrish, PT, DPT and Ashley Reed, PT, DPT and athletic trainer, Erin Randall, ATC, MS who is responsible for all Marengo Community High School athletes and athletic events.

The new location will support the growing needs of the clinic to best serve the community.  With the experience and expertise of our clinicians, the offering of state-of-the-art treatment techniques and equipment along with the new clinic location; Marengo Physical Therapy continues to be the leading, physical therapy provider in the McHenry County area.