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McHenry County Physical Therapy’s Chris Schuetz, PT, DPT Completes Course on Triaging Patient with Presumed Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunction

Chris Schuetz, PT, DPTMcHenry County Physical Therapy’s Chris Schuetz, PT, DPT recently completed West Virginia University and Professional Health Seminars’ course on Applied Medical Screening Principles: Triaging the Patient with Presumed Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunction.

The course attended is part of an 8 part course towards the completion of Chris’ Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) certification.  The COMT certification is earned by completing the designated coursework, demonstration of advanced clinical reasoning and use of hands-on techniques.

Participation in this course outlined in depth, the analysis and medical triage of any patient during physical therapy care. A key focus of this seminar was in the ability of participants to screen for signs and symptoms that may indicate that the painful area of the body may in fact be related to a neighboring section of the body.  It also covered how to screen for fractures or undetected syndromes that warrant further diagnosis and analysis by a physician.   

By using the information covered at this course, Chris will be able to perform more thorough evaluations on his patients and an improved ability to screen throughout a patient's plan of care.

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