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Occupational Medicine Division Begins Working with New Belvidere Assembly Supplier

Orthopedic and Sports Therapy Institute’s Occupational Medicine Division announced today the expansion of their business to include work for Piston Group.  The Redford, Michigan based assembly supplier is new to the Belvidere area and will begin to provide the Belvidere Chrysler Plant with assembly services upon the plant’s re-opening this spring.

Piston Group has begun to utilize OSTI’s occupational medicine services that include WorkSTEPS Post-Offer Testing (a testing model that benefits employers by matching the physical capabilities of an employee to the physical demand levels of a specific job) and upon the plants opening, on-site work injury prevention programs that consist of: ergonomic analysis, job description creation, on-site job coaching and wellness programs.

Piston Group’s occupational medicine program will be coordinated and managed by OSTI’s Director of Occupational Medicine Randy Wright, MS, ATC and Occupational Medicine Specialist Bob Mayerson, MS, ATC, CEAS. 

Randy Wright, MS, ATC Bob Mayerson, MS, ATC, CEASFor nearly two decades, OSTI's Occupational Medicine Division has been providing injury preventions programs to companies throughout the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region.  OSTI is successful in helping its company clients achieve reductions in workplace injuries and associated costs.  Working directly with each company, OSTI tailors work injury prevention programs to meet the specific needs of its company clients.

For more information on OSTI’s Occupational Medicine Division  contact Randy Wright, ATC, MS directly at 815-222-1596.