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Sauk Valley Physical Therapy Therapist Participates in Running Injuries Course

Orthopedic and Sports Therapy Institute therapist Kayla Roth, PT, DPT of the organization’s Sauk Valley Physical Therapy clinic recently attended North American Seminars’ course on running injuries.     

This course covered the most recent, evidence-based physical therapy practice guidelines for the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of typical running-related injuries; such as plantar heel pain, Achilles tendinitis, knee pain, iliotibial band syndrome, stress fractures, and muscular strains.  Information on the utilization of video gait analysis was also emphasized for the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.  

Kayla will be able to utilize these physical therapy evaluation techniques and video gait analysis to accurately diagnose and treat the causes of running-related injuries. Using these tools, she can help patients improve training techniques, running form, and running mechanics to improve performance and reduce injuries.