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Stephanie Oleston, ATC Completes Ergonomics Assessment Certification

Stephanie Oleston, ATC

Occupational Medicine Specialist, Stephanie Oleston, ATC completed her Ergonomics Assessment Certification (CEAS I) through the Back School of Atlanta. 

The CEAS I course covered how to develop effective ergonomic programs, how to write job descriptions and complete job analyses.  Stephanie has begun to utilize and implement this new certification at the various companies OSTI serves and provides work injury prevention programs to.  

The goal behind OSTI's occupational medicine programs is to prevent injuries before they occur.  All programs offered are on-site, customizable and job specific to each individual company.  Some of the services offered are ergonomic investigations/ analyses, on-site job coaching, injury risk assessments, proper body mechanics education, and proactive fitness testing and wellness education.

For over a decade, OSTI has been providing occupational medicine programs to companies throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

To learn more about OSTI's Occupational Medicine Division, visit the services section of our website or call 815-222-1596.